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What to Expect.

We will schedule an initial meeting to find out the particulars and what your needs are as well as setup a demonstration. From there our team will walk you through every step to make sure you are getting exctly what you need.


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We are a design and development team based out of Meridian, Idaho and Salt Lake City, Utah. We cut our teeth on education and training platforms working with Peak Learning, AT&T, Edward Jones, Harvard Business School and MIT.

“The cloud” refers to the network of servers connected across the Internet. The software and databases that run those servers are collectively referred to as “the cloud.”

We help companies grow and expand into new marketplaces by creating data-driven architecture and user-centric experiences to meet the visions of our clients strategic goals.

There really is not typical cost. Our work is based on the unique needs of our clients and takes into concideration the scope of usability and scalability factors, as well as the timeline and budgetary concerns.

A Learning Management System is an integrated set of interactive services that provide instructors and students information, tools and resources to support and enhance training, education, and management.

Data from our platforms is stored in several location to insure the primary data integrity and security. Nothing is stored on your local hard drive and it is accessible from any location, any device and at any time, provided you are able to securly login to the platform.

Our platforms are built with industry-standard security technologies, employing strict policies to protect your information. Our servers utilize firewall encryption, gatekeeping software, industry-leading SSL certificates, and daily site and data backups.

Our training and education tools are based in our online platform and usually do not require hardware upgrades. However, there are minimum operating system (OS) standards that are required to properly interact with the platform. These OS requirements will be outlined when you participate in our demo.